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This is a beautiful holiday resort on the French Atlantic coast with two casinos for the wealthy to enjoy while they stay in the luxury Palace Hotel. This was built in 1858 for Napoleon III's wife, Empress Eugenie. The original was destroyed by fire but re-built to the same plans.
In the 19c. 15% of the population were British expats enjoying a Bohemian lifestyle along the lines of Happy Valley in Kenya. There was only one casino in 1858 but it was licensed for all sorts of games.
Lady Godiva Escort service. Ooh,la,la.
The newly established local paper carried an advertisement for an enterprising American lady who was offering her services as an escort for hire by the day or even hour. She had a horse, she said, and would travel. She gave her address (Villa Suisse) as, of course, there were no phones then. This gives an idea of the life a gentleman of means could live in Biarritz.