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Our mission is to publish good quality non-fiction books and DVDs based on them. I was appalled by the evident lack of research in many books I read. There is some excuse for 19th c. authors who would not have had access to all the archive material we have today but many writers clearly made no effort to check even the most basic facts.
I researched the publishing market and decided that the best option was to start my own imprint. A number of books are in course of preparation. The first one we'll publish is a biography of a famous Irish opera and concert singer known mainly as Catherine Hayes. It may prove to be controversial as it tells the truth rather than perpetuate the myths of the past.
The Author and Founder is Terence Hayes

Born in Waterford, Ireland where he attended De La Salle College. He made good progress coming 1st in his class in year 1. Emigrated to England in the ‘60’s where he took up full time study again after a number of years in administration and accounting posts. He became a Chartered Secretary in 1969 gaining a Distinction in the finals. Specialised in computer systems audits and investigations. Later he attended City University, London where he obtained a Post Graduate Diploma in Business Systems Analysis and Design.

Back home in Ireland, he is pursuing a new career as an author and publisher. He also intends to make DVD films based on his books. He has travelled extensively both for work and pleasure.

Experience in auditing, special investigations and research uniquely qualify him for seeking out the truth about his chosen subjects. He revels in the role of detective especially when pieces of new information turn up to prove his suspicions.